Mr. Gaurav Gogoi

He is currently serving as a Member of Parliament representing the Kaliabor constituency of Assam in the Lok Sabha. He is also a member of the Standing Committee on Railways and Violation of protocol norms.
Prior to joining politics, Mr. Gogoi worked in the development and nonprofit sector for ten years. After graduating from Indraprastha University in Engineering, he worked in a nonprofit organization which seeks to impact social justice through youth citizenship action. After four years of working in rural India, he went to pursue my masters in public administration from New York University. During my stint in the U.S, he worked as a policy aide at the Permanent Mission of India to the U.N.
Over the past few years, I have travelled across the state to listen to the aspirations of farmers, panchayat members, teachers, religious leaders, women and young people. He co founded Farm2Food Foundation with a vision to educate 3000 children about entrepreneurship in farming
He is also leading another organization, Youth Forum on Foreign Policy. It has conducted many policy seminars where young professionals learn about international politics and meet foreign diplomats.
His vision for Assam is a society which is progressive, willing to take risks, dream big and reward hard work. He wants to help build a state where young people believe they can make a difference, where villages are modern and self-sufficient and, where towns are hubs of cultures and innovation. He envisions making colleges in to centers of research and industrial training and, our government offices and hospitals famous for their efficiency and professionalism.
He works to create a society where women become political leaders and public services are friendly for physically and mentally challenged people.
This vision of Assam is not a distant dream. It is possible to create this society through hard work and dedication.