Farm Preneur

Learning Farmers are the young brigade ready to learn their own food, eat healthy and be entrepreneurs. Farm Preneur Programme is designed for students of Middle schools. We motivate and help the children to set up a Nutrition Garden in the School and teach them to grow nutritious food using organic farming practices. The programme is based on a carefully crafted curriculum, which include sessions focusing on improving the life skills, scientific temperament and entrepreneurial skills.
Organic Farming is the way to healthy food and healthy life. We understand that the future generations should understand its value and practice it to ensure good health. Students prepare Vermi Compost, bio pesticides etc. in the school with the help of our facilitator.
The Nutrition Garden is the new Science and Mathematics laboratory at our schools. Students observe and experiment the scientific concepts that they learn in books in the garden. They observe different types of plants, bugs, insects and earth worms and understand how they help the plants in their growth. The raised beds prepared for plants are of geometrical shapes. Students understand the concepts of measurements, shapes, area, perimeter, volume etc while preparing the raised beds.
By the time our garden is ready for harvest, children and teachers are equipped with knowledge regarding nutrient content in the vegetables that they have cultivated. These vegetables are used in the preparation of Mid Day Meal at the school. This ensures a very sustainable practice of healthy eating among students and thus id the community.
Engaging with a school garden is an enriching activity which helps us to practice life skills like compassion, empathy, perseverance, planning and team work etc. We include activities in the sessions which would help them to practice and understand the importance of life skills for the children.
The vision of Farm2Food Foundation is to motivate and support young individuals to take up entrepreneurship to be self reliant. The concepts of resource management, profit, loss and marketing are introduced to them. Students prepare and sell vermi compost, Vermi Wash and bio pesticides to the community and earn profit. They also gain income from the vegetables supplied to the mid day meal.