Farm Preneur Programme Takes Malow Ali H S to Limelight

FarmPreneur Programme was selected for presentation at Workshop on school leadership development for system level officials conducted by National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration at New Delhi by Ms. Shyamalima Borah, Principal, Malow Ali Higher Secondary School, Jorhat.
Farm2Food Foundation was engaged with the students and staff of Malow Ali Higher Secondary School since January 2018. Our Coordinator, Ms. Nimisha Gayan, was leading the FarmPreneur programme in the school. The nutrition garden was set up in the school compound with active participation of the students and they were encouraged to learn by doing and observing. This programme was selected as a best practice of school leadership and management by SCERT Guwahati.
Ms. Shyamalima Borah presented the FarmPrenuer programme at the workshop where there were participants from all over the country. They observed that earning by doing and student involvement is positively contributing to better management of school. The programme has helped in improving the student participation in school activities.
Malow Ali Higher Secondary School received much appreciation at State and National level for encouraging Farm Preneur Programme. They have been requested to collaborate and share the idea with nearby schools for better student participation in school leadership and management